PurityPlus® Applied: CO2 for Mexico-area Medical Research Involving CO2 Incubators


Sadly, CO2 – perhaps equally well known as carbon dioxide – has gotten a lot of bad press in recent decades. As the most notable of Earth’s greenhouse gases, supposedly excessive concentrations of it supposedly resulting from the increased activity of swelling human populations are blamed for global warming. We’ll trust the scientists to rule on this, the science being far from settled. Instead, we’ll concentrate on the good uses to which CO2 can be put. And there’s no more worthwhile a use, conceivably, in the Mexico area than in CO2 incubators.

CO2 incubators are important tools in medical research. They’re used to contain cell cultures that must be looked after in as sterile an environment as possible. Different sorts of CO2 incubators thwart contamination in the incubation chamber by different methods, based on the types of cells being studied. Typically CO2 incubators are used in stem cell therapy, regenerative medicine, and plastic surgery.

Basically, what a CO2 incubator does is keep cell cultures at the optimum temperature and moisture to maintain optimum pH levels. CO2 gas from a cylinder is inserted into a carbonate buffer medium within the incubator so as to keep the pH constant. This is particularly crucial for …

  • incubating human skin cells for use in life-saving skin grafts,
  • stem cell research devoted to preventing disease,
  • stem cell therapy put forward as an alternative to surgery,
  • plastic surgery, tissue repair, and dermatological treatments,
  • anti-aging therapies, and
  • the multiplication of human cells to aid healing processes in regenerative medicine.

AOC Mexico S.A. de C.V., as [[one of the PurityPlus® partner network of better than 150 specialty gas providers at 600 locations all over the United States, is proud to supply CO2 gas cylinders for this noble medical research in and around Mexico. Our leading-edge, super-efficient production techniques see to it that this gas will always be easily available to our customers when they need it.

If you wish to learn more about PurityPlus CO2, the diverse applications to which our customers put it, and how we can put it to use for you, contact AOC Mexico S.A. de C.V. today.