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Specialty Gas Industry News and articles from AOC Mexico S.A. de C.V. and PurityPlus®

Nitrogen Tank Blanketing in Mexico

Nitrogen is utilized for various purposes in the specialty gas industry. Other than being used in food and drug preparation, it is used in the maintenance of different (typically highly flammable liquid) materials. This method of preventative maintenance is called blanketing in the specialty gases industry.

CO2 and Entertainment in Mexico and beyond

Carbon dioxide (CO2) has been used to highlight special effects in the entertainment industry for a long time. The gas is chilled to a liquid to quickly (and economically) create special effects like fog and haze. Most have seen haze effects at concerts to highlight a spotlight or on TV for cloud effects.

How is Helium extracted at AOC Mexico S.A. de C.V.

Helium is a result of radioactive decay in natural gas. Therefore since natural gas has the most volume of helium, most specialty gas laboratories like AOC Mexico S.A. de C.V. will get Helium via natural gas. There are also limited amounts of helium in the air which can also be mined, however the process for that is expensive and rarely used.

Is Cryotherapy Right for You?

Industries and municipalities across the United States are still required to measure air pollution emissions and ambient air quality. As long as calibrated instruments are used to do the measuring, such instruments will require pure, stable, and precise mixtures of compressed specialty gases to assure complete accuracy. And AOC Mexico S.A. de C.V. will be here in Mexico to provide them just as weve done from our earliest days.

Benefits of an Oxygen Deficiency Monitor in Mexico

Most specialty gas laboratories in Mexico are familiar with safety precautions and procedures to maintain a safe working atmosphere. These precautions can include the installation of safety equipment to ensure that there are no atmospheric factors that would tamper with the work of gas technicians. This includes monitoring Oxygen levels across the entire laboratory. At AOC Mexico S.A. de C.V. we fully endorse and utilize oxygen deficiency monitors as a way to ensure only the best air quality in our AOC Mexico S.A. de C.V. laboratory.

The Mexico PurityPlus® Promise: Superior Specialty Gases, Superior Local Service

When you work with AOC Mexico S.A. de C.V., one of 150 North American PurityPlus® Partners, you gain so much more than the specialty gases or equipment you buy. You as well get a promise like no other specialty gas dealer. With us, you see, you are given an unsurpassed blend of local availability, personalized, attention and authentic quality.

PurityPlus® Argon: Mexico Winemakers Specialty Gas of Choice

The favorite specialty gas of our Mexico winemaking customers is argon because, 1) unlike oxygen, argon will not react with wine to produce any unwanted characteristics; and 2) argon is heavier than oxygen. Its higher density sees to it that more of the gas will be in extended contact with the surface of the wine, thus excluding more oxygen (and its adverse effects) as well as thwarting microbial spoilage.

PurityPlus® EPA Protocol Specialty Gas Mixtures for Mexico

Industries and municipalities coast to coast and border to border are still mandated to calculate air pollution emissions and ambient air quality. As long as calibrated instruments are needed for measuring purposes, such instruments will call for pure, stable, and flawless mixtures of compressed specialty gases to insure complete accuracy. And AOC Mexico S.A. de C.V. will be here in Mexico to supply them just as weve been trusted to do from the day we started.

Manchester Tank Safety Notice

Manchester Tank & Equipment Company has issued a safety notice on 33.5 LB Aluminum Forklift Cylinders manufactured from 1992 through 1993.

SF6: The Perfect Gas for the Mexico Utilities Industry

AOC Mexico S.A. de C.V. is today acknowledged as a crucial producer of dielectric gases also called insulating gases for the Mexico electrical utilities industry. Gases of this type are employed most often to either avoid or rapidly tamp down electrical discharges, for which their dielectric properties render them most suitable. The most prominent of these gases and the one most in demand from us is sulfur hexafluoride (SF6).

The Use of Liquid Nitrogen in Mexico Laboratory Research

AOC Mexico S.A. de C.V. has been supplying PurityPlus liquid nitrogen for Mexico-area laboratory use {{from our earliest days. The thing that makes this commodity so beneficial in so many kinds of laboratory activities particularly as a refrigerant is its capacity to maintain temperatures considerably lower than the freezing point of water.

Mexico Specialty Gas Equipment Spotlight: Gas Purifiers

Its certainly no secret that our stock in trade at AOC Mexico S.A. de C.V. is providing specialty gases for commercial, industrial, medical, scientific, and agricultural use. But customers recognize they also can count on us for everything necessary to move, store, check on, and use those gases safely. One such category of equipment they certainly go for is our line of gas purifiers.

High-Purity Analytical Gases for Mexico Laboratory Research

AOC Mexico S.A. de C.V. is proud to be the PurityPlus Partner attending to research laboratories in and around Mexico. Independent third-party certification of our processes and our products attests to the purity of our gases, allowing researchers to pursue their analytical ambitions with confidence.

The Need for Nitrogen in Mexico Pharmaceutical and Biotech Applications

Weve talked before about the uses Nitrogen gas (N2) in the food and beverage industry. As you may gather, though, judging from the commonness of this gas in our atmosphere, nitrogen has many other equally advantageous uses. AOC Mexico S.A. de C.V., your Mexico PurityPlus Partner, is especially involved, for instance, in providing nitrogen for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Zeroing In on High-Purity Gases for Mexico Laser Welding

These days, AOC Mexico S.A. de C.V., one of over 150 PurityPlus Partners at 600 locations across the states, is happy to be a trusted Mexico provider of the high-purity specialty gases so indispensable to the gas laser welding process. Our principle customers are significantly automated high-volume manufacturers. Those associated with the automotive industry are perhaps the most conspicuous cases in point.

PurityPlus® High-Purity Specialty Gas Regulators: Selecting the Best of the Best for Your Mexico Application

PurityPlus specialty gas regulators are crafted to extremely precise standards of pressure control, which is utterly essential to the safety and success of your work. Unsure of which regulator is right for you or how to go about finding it? AOC Mexico S.A. de C.V., right here in Mexico, will be happy to help. The PurityPlus Specialty Gases & Equipment Catalog will help too. Heres a quick overview of the product to help you get started.

Which Comes First, the Food or the Gas?

Nitrogen does food good. Here are some of the most prevalent ways the food and beverage industry makes use of this gas as a food preserver and a food and beverage enhancer.

PurityPlus® Applied: CO2 for Mexico-area Medical Research Involving CO2 Incubators

CO2 incubators are important tools in medical research. Theyre used to contain cell cultures that must be nurtured in as sterile an environment as possible. Different sorts of CO2 incubators preclude contamination in the incubation chamber by different methods, based on the types of cells being cultivated. Generally CO2 incubators are used in stem cell therapy, regenerative medicine, and plastic surgery.

Ensuring Finest-Quality Gases for Gas Chromatography

The carrier gases necessary for gas chromatography, aside from having to be either inert or unreactive, must be at least 99.995% pure greater than that, on occasion! And thats where AOC Mexico S.A. de C.V. comes in. No, we havent been here as long as gas chromatography. But, as a trusted PurityPlus® partner producer-distributor, weve been providing chemical researchers and various industries with carrier gases of the maximum purity feasible for a good, long time now. We guarantee it, too.

PurityPlus® Specialty Gases to Introduce Its New Branding at Pittcon 2018

As our corporate parent has done for some years now, PurityPlus® Specialty Gases will among the exhibitors at the next Pittcon. That, of course, would be Pittcon 2018, slated for February 26 through March 1 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. This time, in Booth 3024, PurityPlus® will not only present itself and its partners, including AOC Mexico S.A. de C.V., as a technical resource, but the company also will introduc its new brand identity.

Fulfilling the Specialty Gas Needs of Mexico Microbreweries

We supply microbreweries and brewpubs in and around Mexico with the specialty gases they require: CO2 and Nitrogen, primarily, but also Chlorine. Those are the top gases, anyhow. And the local tie-in is whats extremely important to our microbrewery and brewpub customers.

So Whats Up with Helium?

Were not here to assert that there isnt an international helium deficit; the evidence is credible enough. We are here, though, to assure you that AOC Mexico S.A. de C.V. and the PurityPlus® partner network of better than 150 specialty gas producers and distributors at 600 locations nationwide can readily satisfy your helium needs well into the future.

All About Argon

This article details several facts about argon, its uses, and research about its potential future applications.

Gas Chromatography

An article detailing the many processes and uses of gas chromatography.

Safely Using Hydrogen In Laboratories

With increaseing costs correlated with the limited helium supply, those who operate and design laboratory equipment are beginning to turn more frequently to their gas suppliers for hydrogen.

Carbon DIoxide, CO2, or Super-Gas?

CO2 is used in more forms than any other gas in the industrial gas market making it one of the most versatile products sold.